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Develop your craft as an actor by training in film/tv acting at The O.A. Training Studio. Evolve your screen acting abilities to get agents in your corner, get better auditions, and earn new opportunities that can lead to bookings. Learn to show your unique qualities on camera that can get you roles in movies & TV shows, as well as independent projects. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, CBS, FX, Starz  - we've shot projects on all of them, and we show you how to build a film & tv acting career from any location. Join actors from Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, London & The U.K., Ireland, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

A new approach to acting.

Easy to learn and practical. Try a FREE ACTING CLASS online and see the difference. The O.A. Training Studio is fully Film & TV acting focused and entirely online. "O.A. training" is practical, first and foremost. Work towards complete naturalism in performance with our unique, organic, and grounded approach to acting that can challenge you from beginner to master level. Learn to put forward your best qualities that can get you noticed by decision makers. Save money on acting training with class rates at a fraction of the cost of other studios. TAKE A FREE DROP-IN CLASS.
Acting training is affordable and accessible.

Auditions have moved online... Shouldn't classes?

Self-tapes are the new way actors are seen for major Hollywood productions. An actor living in Texas, British Columbia, Florida, Ontario, the UK, or Australia could book a major role from an audition tape shot at home and be on a plane the next day to Los Angeles! The key is being prepared for it to happen. Our virtual on-camera Zoom class format focuses on this type of audition and scene training.

Classes run every week without a "term" or "semester". Actors can join at any time and simply complete 5 classes in a row at a given level to move up to the next level. Our coaches tailor the training and material to each actor's current experience, while offering ongoing feedback and career advice on self-tapes, agents, and demo reels.

Our Training Structure

We offer 5 programs of acting training: Intro, Essentials, Intermediate, Advanced, and In-Depth Scene Study.

For those new to acting, our introductory program is a single level of five sessions, 2 hours each, called Intro to Acting On-Camera.

Each program beyond that goes deeper into the craft of acting on-camera. There are 5 levels of progression within each program, at 5 sessions in length each, (e.g. Essentials 1 is 5-sessions, Essentials 2 is 5-sessions., etc.) Each session is 2-3 hours long.

Actors are placed in the appropriate program and level based on their past training and experience.

Learn from current working actors

Founded by Vas and Marina Saranga, classes and coaching are taught by a team of working actors. Virtual classes allow actors from across the globe to train together, with select in-person coaching possible in Toronto or Los Angeles (not during Covid-19 pandemic).

Vas Saranga

Named one of “Canada’s Rising Stars” by The Hollywood Reporter, his breakout role was in the Disney Channel series Aaron Stone. Soon after, he played the series lead role of Reese in the live-action television hit MudPit (Teletoon). He has also appeared on The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Orphan Black (BBC America), Salvation (CBS), The Strain (FX), Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) and recently the feature comedy Little Italy, opposite Emma Roberts. Vas brings his wealth of experience in drama and comedy to his coaching.

Check out Vas on IMDb

Marina Saranga

Having built a career in Film/TV and Digital for over 10 years, Marina has appeared in various series such as Transporter (HBO), Rogue (DirecTV), Lost Girl (SyFy), and MudPit (Teletoon). She was most recently featured in the digital pilot On a Quest. As a special skill, Marina is also fluent in Russian and has been called on to perform multilingual parts throughout the industry. 

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Based on any previous training or experience, you can take a free class in either our Intro/Essentials mixed-level group class, (which introduces our organic approach and practical technique for Film & TV acting) or our Intermediate/Advanced mixed-level class (where actors work on evolving their on-camera craft). If you're totally new to acting, or you're experienced in theatre but not the screen, or you've already been working in Film & TV, these classes are for you.

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Why Study Acting Online With Us?

Thinking of joining our classes? Here are some of the reasons students choose us:

Try before you buy
Try a class for FREE. Feel what it’s like to train at our studio before you commit. (Click here for your free trial class).
Small class sizes
Classes are typically 3-8 actors depending on the day/time. Get focused one on one attention in each class. Every actor gets close-up time in front of the camera and the opportunity to also work on other scenes with their peers.
Ease of class rescheduling. We have ongoing classes, not semesters or terms. You don't need to wait to train. You can take time off and come back easily. Each week, choose between one of 4-5 different day/time options for class. Attend the same day/time each week if you like, or switch it up based on your schedule. As long as you cancel/reschedule within 6 hours notice you don't lose any of your 5 classes!
E-Learning Membership
Our online resources include e-books, video tutorials, self-tape practice projects, and more.
Exclusive community
Our private Facebook group is extremely active, offering industry advice, peer support for auditions, and extra tutorials. Connect with other actors around the world, make friends for life, and gain colleagues who will help you when you need it most.
Audition and career coaching are discounted by 30% for actors training in classes.
Additional training
Focused coaching on self-creation of demo footage and upping your self-tape game.
Worldwide connection
Online classes allow you to learn from anywhere in the world. Your peers are actors from where you live, as well as other countries and markets that you can gain insight into.
Unique approach
Learn to act organically using our practical approach rooted in naturalism.

Our Acting Classes On Zoom


Our Intro to Acting On-Camera class starts with the foundations of acting and gets you reading scripts, memorizing them quickly using our unique exercises, and working scenes with other actors very quickly in a fun environment! 

Essentials of Acting On-Camera
 introduces our organic approach and practical technique for Film & TV acting. Actors work on current and relevant material in both a scene study & audition format while receiving live coaching.

Intermediate Acting On-Camera brings in longer and more complex scene work across all genres. Our B.E.S.T. C.R.A.F.T. approach to interpreting scenes is implemented in-depth. Actors have the opportunity to bring their actual auditions to class to train them using our technique. 

Advanced Acting On-Camera targets scripts for guest starring, supporting, and leading roles in television and film. Actors also get the opportunity to create footage for their reel, and blocking for the camera is studied. An on-going web series project is introduced to a select group of actors and improvised scenes are created.  

In-Depth Scene Study focuses primarily on strengthening actor weaknesses. Going to those difficult places and staying there. Mining the most from your unique personality and experience to create the most truthful acting on screen. Actors are paired together and work much more directly with partners at this level.


Actors are not huddled in front of their computers - they are up on their feet using their home as the film set. Scenes are blocked, shot, and framed cinematically. Actors are empowered to create their own work after developing a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process. Tripod and cell phone mount (to elevate Zoom camera and frame the shot cinematically) are encouraged but not required until the Intermediate level.

The style of classes and coaching have been adapted to online learning, and you'll learn foundational acting, audition/self-taping technique, scene study, and on-set style blocking. You are not just sitting in front of your laptop at your desk reading scenes off the screen like many classes that have temporarily adapted to the Zoom format. Intermediate & Advanced actors in our sessions use a full camera/tripod/lighting setup when they put up scenes. Actors just starting out can ease into this by using natural lighting in their homes and elevating their laptop.

In additional to foundational acting technique and scene interpretation, actors are coached on movement in the frame, using props, hitting marks, shot and frame sizes, adjusting for lighting and camera movement, slating, wardrobe choices, size of performance, stillness, memorization, and a host of other things that are extremely relevant for screen acting.


Once you progress to the intermediate levels, you'll also do self-tape practice projects outside of training sessions (1 per each 5-week class). These are designed to give you more practice and build confidence in technique and craft. Additional feedback is given to do retakes (self-taping again), adding up to lots of on-camera time.

In class, you'll do 3-4 different scenes across 5 weeks (2-3 in classes and 1 as a self-tape project outside of class), revisiting them in callback and screen/chemistry tests scenarios depending on the level you're at.

Taking acting classes on Zoom is a highly practical thing in 2021 as Zoom auditions and callbacks are extremely common. In our online acting classes, there are also sessions that mimic live Zoom auditions where you get direction from a panel mimicking what you would experience when you read live on zoom - for director/producer/casting.

There's a clear progression through multiple stages and levels (not just one ongoing program generically titled "acting class" or one "audition" class) where you take on more complex material across numerous genres. You work on relevant film/tv material that is current and realistic for your casting, as well as material that pushes the boundaries of your type and age range. The differences in genre and sub-genres are explored, as well as performance, writing, directing, and aesthetic differences between projects on different platforms (network vs cable, studio film vs independent, etc) with a focus on finding what is uniquely "you" as the actor - the things that are memorable and compelling on screen that you can bring forward with your acting to help casting learn who you are, and solidify your talent as someone to watch.


Classes are taught by working actors. A very practical approach is taken, based on what's gotten our coaches work as actors and what has worked for the many actors that have studied acting online at our studio. It's affordable, especially during the pandemic. Tons of career coaching and industry advice is provided. You can audit for free, you can even do a trial class for free. And there are free acting webinars & workshops.

Our online acting classes on Zoom build on the complexity of the following concepts: 

- acting fundamentals & basics, including historical techniques and their evolution
- organic and practical on-camera film/tv acting technique
- audition technique (self taping, zoom reads, in-person auditioning)  
- acting with a scene partner & self-taping with a reader
- studying acting in-person vs online and how to get the most of both worlds
- interpreting sides and scripts for current productions 
- camera and spatial awareness
- framing and composition in screen acting
- blocking and movement in the frame
- being “you” vs “playing a character”
- dynamics in acting: size of performance, movement and stillness, musicality of dialogue 
- acting for different genres (comedy, drama, dark comedy, thriller, etc..) and sub-genres (1hr drama, half hour comedy, etc)
- improvisation in performance and in the audition (when and how) 
- the casting process in 2021
- standing out from the crowd 
- shooting your own material for your demo reel
- setting up a home studio 
- getting an agent
- moving up in the industry / building a career
- working on a film set 

As you progress through the levels you'll be working on more complex scenes and refining the skills you've built in earlier sessions.

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