The Online Actor is an entirely online acting studio and community that offers group Film/TV acting classes, private coaching, and online courses for all skill and experience levels. Come experience our revolutionary, organic S.T.E.P.S. approach to screen acting, and take your acting career to the next level.

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Why Train at The O.A.?

Develop your craft as an actor by training in Film & TV acting at The Online Actor Training Studio. Our expert coaches will guide you as you work towards complete naturalism in performance through our organic and grounded S.T.E.P.S. approach to screen acting -- one of the few modern approaches to acting that does not derive from traditional techniques. Our training philosophy combines On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, Audition Technique, with Blocking & Camera Awareness, as well as practical on-set skills and knowledge. We help actors be present, playful, connected, and charismatic. You'll be challenged from beginner level to mastery with original scenes and exercises, exploring 50+ concepts unique to our training. You'll learn to put forward your best qualities on-camera that will create memorable and compelling performances that can help get you noticed by decision makers in the most authentic way possible. Plus, our acting training and coaching is affordable and accessible, with classes at a fraction of the cost of other studios. Observe a class for free to see for yourself!

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The online format allows actors from anywhere in the world to learn our unique and highly camera-focused acting technique. Diverting from traditional approaches that are rooted in theater, The O.A.'s modern S.T.E.P.S. approach to acting is ideal for online training, and reflects the industry of today.

Casting has moved online -- self-tapes are the new way actors are seen for most Hollywood productions. An actor living in New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Vancouver, London, Ireland, or Australia could book a major role from a self-tape shot at home and be on a plane the next day to Los Angeles! The key is being prepared for it to happen.

Our on-camera Zoom classes help actors be prepared, by training them in the same format that's used by casting -- moving them towards mastery of the medium. Explore the benefits of training in the actual space you'll be shooting your self-tapes and doing your Zoom callbacks and screen tests in. Join a truly global community of actors as you gain the skills and confidence to build a Film & TV acting career from any location!  Plus, classes are set up so actors can jump in at any time. There are no "terms" or "semesters". For adults, simply buy a class credit or workshop credit and begin training! Or, observe a class for free to see for yourself! For teens, check out our ongoing Acting On-Camera for Teens class for ages 14-18.

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Getting started with our training is easy. For Adults (ages 18+) who are new to acting, or at the beginner level in prior training, start in our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop, which runs up to twice per month. If you have prior acting experience at the moderate level or higher, buy one class credit and hop into a Core class! Our coaches will advise you on an appropriate category and level of our training after this session.

You'll progress through the five categories of our Acting On-Camera training program, beginning with the foundational Core levels, and moving through moderate Essentials levels, then onto mixed-level Intermediate, Advanced, and Mastery classes, which are a hybrid of On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, and Audition Technique. Each has multiple levels with 4 classes per level. Each class costs 1 credit. On-Camera Mastery is intended as on-going training with no level endpoint, as actors must always be evolving their craft.

1-on-1 Audition Coaching, 1-on-1 Career Coaching, and Self-Tape / Demo Reel Feedback are available to actors of all skill and experience levels (ages 14+), whether you've trained with us at The O.A. or not!

For Teens (ages 14-18), we offer an ongoing class: Acting On-Camera for Teens. In these fully online sessions, teen actors will do paired scene work with focused instruction and ongoing feedback from one of our expert coaches.

If you want to learn about the business of acting, take our online digital course How To Start Your Acting Career and learn all about the industry for just $9 USD!

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Attend a free online acting class

Curious about our classes? Adults (18+) can observe a class for free! Observing gives you a risk-free chance to experience our organic approach to Film & TV acting for yourself. You'll pick up a bunch of new insights on acting simply by observing how our coaches and actors approach the craft. Plus, it's 100% free - there is no requirement to sign up or take future classes after a free observation session.

Meet Your Coaches

Vas Saranga

Vas Saranga, coach and co-founder of The Online Actor Training Studio

Vas is best known for being named one of The Hollywood Reporter's Rising Stars. His breakout role was in the Disney XD series Aaron Stone. Soon after, he played the series lead role of Reese in the live-action television hit MudPit (Teletoon). He has most recently appeared on Transplant (NBC), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Salvation (Netflix/CBS), Orphan Black (BBC America), and the new Stephen King based film Firestarter. Vas can currently be seed in a series lead role in You're My Hero (CBC GEM). Vas brings his wealth of experience in drama and comedy to coaching adult actors.

Marina Saranga

Marina Saranga, coach and co-founder of The Online Actor Training Studio

Marina has built a career in Film/TV and Digital for over 14 years. She has appeared in various series such as Transporter (HBO), Rogue (DirecTV), Lost Girl (SyFy), and MudPit (Teletoon). She was most recently featured in the digital pilot On a Quest. As a special skill, Marina is also fluent in Russian and has been called on to perform multilingual parts throughout the industry. Marina primarily focuses on coaching teen and youth performers, having a knack for working with actors in this age range and helping them find their authentic selves on camera.

Most of my life I felt like I had to go to university, get a degree and get a stable, safe job, while keeping acting as a weekend hobby that I was passionate about. The O.A. and my coach changed my life because through classes and constant support I finally started to believe in myself more and more, which made the dream of being a full-time actor seem like a reality. The approach that my coach takes with all his students helps them grow in their own individual ways, and I am absolutely shocked to see the difference in my self-tapes from a year ago, before I started taking these classes. Since my time in The O.A., I have been getting consistent callbacks and bookings!
- Ivan Sadovsky

Joining The O.A. Training Studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I first observed a class, and instantly knew that this was the group for me and I have not looked back since. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and there is a real sense of community among all the actors and the coaches. I have had both Marina and Vas as coaches - they are both so dedicated and passionate about the craft and it is evident in their teaching and in their classes. With the pandemic over the last year, it’s a great way to begin your journey, while doing it all online.
- Alana Barnes

Working with my coach at The O.A. Training Studio has been a game changer for my career. He has brought out talent in my work that I did not know I had. This is what makes the acting classes truly enjoyable. My coach is a down-to-earth professional, who knows how to bring the best out in his actors. The approach he relays to his actors focuses on spontaneity and truth. After working with my coach at The O.A and working through his approach to acting, I truly would not want to work with anyone else.
- Brooke Edwards