Coaches at The Online Actor

The Online Actor is run by husband and wife team Vas & Marina Saranga. Together they've dedicated their pursuit to training actors for the screen with the Acting Skillset Approach.

Vas Saranga

Head Coach
Group classes
Audition coaching

Vas is best known for being named one of The Hollywood Reporter's Rising Stars. His breakout role was in the Disney XD series Aaron Stone. Soon after, he played the series lead role of Reese in the live-action television hit MudPit (Teletoon). He has most recently appeared on Transplant (NBC), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Salvation (Netflix/CBS), Orphan Black (BBC America), and the new Stephen King based film Firestarter. Vas can currently be seed in a series lead role in You're My Hero (CBC GEM). Vas brings his wealth of experience in drama and comedy to coaching adult & teen actors.

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Marina Saranga

Studio manager
Asynchronous coaching

Marina has built a career in Film, TV and Digital for over 15 years. She has appeared in various series such as Transporter (HBO), Rogue (DirecTV), Lost Girl (SyFy), and MudPit (Teletoon). She was most recently featured in the comedy/fantasy/adventure pilot On a Quest. As a special skill, Marina is also fluent in Russian and has been called on to perform multilingual parts throughout the industry. Marina primarily focuses on self-tape and demo reel feedback, as well as operating as studio manager.