How To Study Acting Online at The O.A. Training Studio (FAQ)

Are classes affected by Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

Our studio is 100% online. We purely offer Zoom acting classes, which are taking place as normally scheduled. Please see our Class Schedule for more information. 

What does your studio teach?

Please see the Our Studio & The Training page for in-depth information on our philosophy and how we approach training actors for film & tv.

How do online/virtual Zoom acting classes work?

You learn all the same things as a regular in-person class with one key difference - you're not in the same physical space as the other actors. Each actor is on camera at their own location. This is how casting has evolved going into 2021 and we focus highly on how to make this virtual experience work for your auditions in our online acting classes

Some portions of the class involve theory and technique discussions, while most of the time is spent reading/performing scripts on-camera. Our training sessions mimic an actual on-set shooting style as well as most common audition self-tape setups. (**self-tapes are merely auditions that you film yourself). 

Scenes are provided by our coaches, but 1-on-1 coaching is also given on auditions and self-tapes during class time, as actors can bring in their real auditions to class and work them instead of an assigned scene! Career group coaching on headshots, resumes, demo reels, agents, etc also takes place as part of on-going class discussions.

How do I take a free trial class?

Just click here to sign up for a free trial class. You can also opt to fill out our contact form or email

What's the difference between the Beginners, Essentials, Intermediate, and Advanced classes? What about the levels 1-4 in each category?

Acting On-Camera for Beginners is just that! A class for complete beginners to acting.

Acting On-Camera Essentials Level 1 is a class for actors new to our studio and introduces all the basics of our screen acting approach. This is for those with some film/tv training or theater experience. Some actors with more traininga nd experience may start in On-Camera Essentials 2, at our studio's discretion. Actors start working right away on scenes and self-taped auditions in Essentials 1, and then build on their skills as they progress to Essentials 4.

The Intermediate Acting On-Camera 1-4 classes introduce more complex scenes, as well as scenarios like self-tapes with casting director notes, Zoom callback sessions and screentests. The Advanced Acting On-Camera 1-4 works actors through more intricate genres and 3 and 4 actor scenes, continually building in complexity of dialogue, situations, and characters.

All classes in Essentials / Intermediate / Advanced are in five-week blocks. The goal of the categories and levels 1-4 within each category are to create continuous, progressive training, with clear goals and benchmarks.

How often are classes?

Classes run weekly on weekdays and weekends. Please check the class schedule for the most up to date times. 

Do I have to wait until the next session to start training?

No waiting is required! We don't have a "term" or "semester" that starts and ends at a certain time. You can join a weekly group class at any time. Each class will run 5 weeks and each actor may have started at a slightly different time, while working and progressing on their own material over the course of the 5 weeks. After an actor successfully completes 5 consecutive classes at a certain level, they move up to the next level (2, 3, 4), or to the next category (Intermediate, Advanced).

If an actor wants to train more than once a week, they can attend up two sessions per week, space permitting. In this way, an actor can finish each 5-week level in 3 weeks, for example.

How do I sign up for a class?

Click here to see our class selection or select Acting Classes (Online/Zoom) from the top menu of any page (very top middle master menu or top right corner menu on mobile). 

Either add the class to your cart on the online store and book/pay at the checkout, or fill out the contact form and book through email and pay through an online invoice sent out later. The free workshop and free trial class will be $0 at the checkout, so no payment is required.

Why should I even take an acting class?

To get started with something you need to learn the fundamentals. To get better at something you need to train, consistently.  Acting classes give you foundational knowledge, build your confidence, and get you practicing regularly so that you can be the best and most prepared actor possible for what we call ECCOs (Exciting Career Changing Opportunities). If you want to audition and book roles, you need to be ready for every audition. Classes give you the best shot at that.

Why take classes with The Online Actor (The O.A. Training Studio)?

We keep our training as modern and practical as possible - focused mainly on screen acting (Film/TV/Digital). You're coached by working actors who are constantly auditioning and on film sets. We know what it's like to be working in the industry right now.

Audition from real scripts for shows and movies that you could actually get cast in today. Want to know the difference in how you'd approach an audition/role for a show on Disney+ compared to a show on HBO? We dive deep into topics like this.  

It's not just a ton of lectures and a few minutes of screen time. We begin immediately with scene work so you build valuable hands-on experience. We give online self-tape (audition) assignments between classes and give you coaching and feedback outside of class hours. We also provide tailored career coaching towards each students goals, and work towards helping them self-create for their demo reels.

What ages do you cover?

Starting with teens 13-17, and adults 19-100+

Will I be learning with actors close to my age?

Teen classes are designed to keep students within a few years of their age. Adult classes require actors of a wide age range to be able to read scenes together that are written with characters of different ages. 

Can I just view a class and not participate to see what it's like?

Yes! Email us or fill out the contact form to book an auditing session. If you're unsure about whether you want to train with us or what the classes might be like, this is one way to get a sense of things. An audit means you would just be watching and not participating (for a single class). Or click here to take a free trial session where you'll actually be acting!

Can I watch my teen's class/session?

Chaperones are welcome! We encourage them, but it's best if only 2 parents sit in on a zoom class. You'd keep your video and sound off and just watch the magic happen.

Do parents have to participate in the classes?

Nope! Parents don't have to do any acting.

Is there a deposit for classes?

No deposit required! First class is free so you can always start without paying and then if you decide to continue you can officially enrol and pay at that time.

How can I pay?

By credit card / PayPal (includes Venmo) / Interac e-transfer.

Will you get me auditions or roles?

We'll teach you the knowledge needed to help you get moving in the industry and the skills needed to do well in auditions. We can't get you auditions or roles. That's up to you!