How To Study Acting Online at The O.A. Training Studio (FAQ)

What does your studio teach?

The O.A. Training Studio is an entirely online studio that offers Film/TV acting classes and workshops for all skill and experience levels! We also offer industry-focused webinars, private career coaching, and private audition coaching. Please see Our Training Philosophy for in-depth information on how we approach training actors for Film/TV.

Are classes affected by COVID-19?

Our studio is 100% online! All classes are held over Zoom and are running on our normal schedule. Please refer to our Class Schedule for more information.

How do online Zoom acting classes work?

You’ll learn all the same things as a regular in-person class with one key difference: you’re not in the same physical space as the other actors. Each actor is on-camera at their own location playing scenes with actors in separate locations via live video. This is how casting has evolved going into 2022 and we focus highly on how to make this virtual experience work for your auditions in our online acting classes.

What are your classes like?

Some portions of our classes involve theory and technique discussions, while most of the time is spent performing scripts on-camera with other actors. Our training sessions mimic an on-set shooting style as well as most common self-tape setups (self-tapes are audition tapes that you shoot yourself). Career group coaching on headshots, resumes, demo reels, agents, etc. also takes place as part of ongoing class discussion. You’ll receive ample instruction and guidance from our expert coaches.

What kind of setup do I need for class?

Our classes require Zoom on either a laptop or mobile device, and the ability to elevate/mount your device at eye-level. A tripod and lighting setup are not required for our Essentials levels as long as you are able to elevate your device at eye-level, but are encouraged for levels beyond Essentials. Since we utilize blocking (movement on-camera to different positions) quite a bit in Intermediate/Advanced/In-Depth, entrance into these classes is contingent upon the ability to create a setup that allows the actor to move freely in their space, from a wider shot into a closeup. This setup is definitely something we will help you create in class! Be sure to check out our Recommended Equipment page.

What kinds of scripts will I be working with in class?

Our classes use scripts custom-written by our team of writers. When working on audition technique, actors may bring their own audition sides to class.

Can I observe a class?

We encourage you to observe one of our classes for free! Adults (ages 18+) may be eligible to observe.

How often are classes?

Classes are held multiple days per week and accommodate different time zones to account for our truly global community of actors. There are no “terms” or “semesters,” so actors can jump in at any time! For ongoing training, actors can attend 1 class per week, or less frequently if their schedule doesn’t allow for classes every week. Please refer to our Class Schedule for more information.

What ages do you cover?

We currently have options for Adults (ages 18+), as well as for Teens (ages 16-19)!

Will I only train with actors of the same age or experience level as me?

In our Adult classes, you’ll train with actors of all ages and experience levels, just like you would on set! Adult classes require actors of a wide age range to be able to read scenes with characters of different ages.

Our classes are small (typically 4-6 actors) with each actor receiving individualized instruction, guidance, and closeup time on-camera.

What is the best way to get started with your training?

We have two options for Adults (18+). For complete beginners, start with our Acting for Beginners Workshop. You’ll get an introduction to the industry and plenty of time on-camera.

If you have prior experience, buy just 1 Class Credit and hop into an Essentials Class. From there, our coaches will advise you on an appropriate level to start at in our training.

Adults can also sign up to observe one of our classes for free before you buy!

We also offer Teen Acting Workshops (Ages 16-19)! Space is limited for these sessions, so please fill out our interest form to be considered.

How do I move up to the next level in the training?

The Acting for Beginners Workshop is a single day course that may be repeated. You'll progress through the four categories of our Acting On-Camera training program, beginning with the foundational Essentials levels, and moving through mixed-level Intermediate, Advanced, and In-Depth classes, which are a hybrid of Scene Study and Audition Technique. Each has multiple levels with 4 classes per level. Each class costs 1 credit. In-Depth is intended as a master level of sorts, with no level endpoint. You’ll be learning and growing alongside actors of all levels!

What is the difference between the categories and levels of your training?

Our classes are divided into Essentials, Intermediate, Advanced, and In-Depth. All categories (except In-Depth, which is ongoing without an endpoint) contain 6 levels. The goal of these levels and categories is to create continuous, progressive training with clear goals and benchmarks.

Essentials levels are the foundational training levels for actors new to our studio. They begin to train actors in our unique approach to screen acting. You’ll start working with scenes right away in Essentials 1, with less to memorize and fewer concepts being introduced. You’ll build on your knowledge and skills as you progress through to Essentials 6.

Intermediate levels introduce more complex concepts. Actors are paired with Intermediate or Advanced level scene partners and work through a variety of new exercises and approaches.

Advanced levels work actors through more intricate exercises and elements of working on set. New genres and emotional depth enter the training, as actors continually build their skills in tackling an increased complexity of dialogue, situations, and characters.

In-Depth (ongoing) works actors through deeper emotional complexity, and introduces 3 and 4 actor scenes. Actors at this level learn to master 25+ concepts unique to our approach to film/TV acting. It is designed to be a master level of sorts, continuing without a level 5 endpoint.

Intermediate, Advanced, and In-Depth are mixed-level classes, with actors in all levels training together and paired with scene partners at a similar stage of the training. These classes are a hybrid of Scene Study and Audition Technique.

What are class credits?

Class credits can be exchanged for classes! We have created this credit system to allow actors the flexibility of purchasing as many classes at a time as they’d like. You can purchase multiple credits at once, or a pack of classes (ex. Essentials 1). For example, a single session of an Ongoing Scene Study Class costs 1 credit. If you buy 4 class credits, you can take 4 classes of Essentials 1.

Can I purchase all the classes at the same time (ex. Acting for Beginners Workshop, Essentials 1, Essentials 2, … all the way through to In-Depth)?

Yes, you can certainly buy levels in advance, as what it mainly does is give you the credits to use towards other offerings (ex. private coachings) at our studio. However, if you are new to acting and haven't yet completed the Acting for Beginners Workshop, we would suggest completing this workshop prior to purchasing level packs or credits. Meaning, purchasing course packs or credits prior to completing the Acting for Beginners Workshop does not guarantee you entry into the Essentials class. If our coaches discern that you are ready to move into Essentials, then those credits can be used there.

When and how do I pay for credits/classes? Is there a deposit required?

Classes must be paid in full before the beginning, but since individual class credits can be purchased, you don’t have to commit to more than one class at a time. Credits can be purchased through our website by credit card, Paypal (includes Venmo) and Interac e-transfer.

How do I sign up for classes?

For Adults (ages 18+) new to the studio, start here, and you’ll purchase either the Acting for Beginners Workshop if you have no prior acting experience, or 1 Class Credit if you do have prior acting experience. If you aren’t new to the studio, purchase credits or level packs.

Either add the item to your cart on the online store and book/pay at the checkout, or fill out the contact form, book through email, and pay through an online invoice sent out later.

For Teens (Ages 16-19), fill out the interest form to be considered for our Teen Acting Workshops!

If I take classes at The O.A., can I add that to my resume?

If you take our Acting for Beginners Workshop, you can add that to your resume, as it is a single 3-hour course. All our other classes are considered Ongoing, so you'd have to take a minimum of 4 classes to complete one level (ex. Essentials 1) for your resume.

Do you have one-on-one training?

We do offer Private Coaching! Work on a side for an upcoming audition and even record the self-tape in a One-on-One Audition Coaching, or learn the next steps to accelerate your film/TV career with actionable advice and guidance in a One-on-One Career Coaching. We also offer Self-Tape or Demo Reel Feedback. Actors ages 14+ are eligible for these coachings (Note: actors ages 14-17 must have the permission of a parent or guardian.) 

Why should I even take an acting class?

To get started with something, you need to learn the fundamentals. To get better at something you need to train consistently. Acting classes give you foundational knowledge, build your confidence, and get you practicing regularly so that you can be ready for any unique and spontaneous challenge that comes your way. If you want to audition and book roles, approaching acting training like a working actor is your strongest bet. Classes give you the best shot at that.

Why should I take classes at The O.A. Training Studio?

We keep our training as modern and practical as possible. You’re coached by working actors who are constantly auditioning and working on film sets. We know what it’s like to be actors in the industry right now. Audition from real scripts for shows and movies that you could actually get cast in today. Want to know the difference in how you’d approach and audition for a show on Disney Channel compared to a show on HBO? We dive deep into topics like this. It’s not just a ton of lectures and a few minutes of screen time. We begin immediately with scene work so you build valuable hands-on experience.

Will you get me auditions or roles?

We’ll teach you the knowledge you need to help you get moving in the industry and the skills to produce memorable auditions. We can’t get you auditions or roles. That’s up to you!