Acting On-Camera (Online/Adults)

Class credits are used for classes and coaching sessions. We use the class credit system to allow actors the flexibility of purchasing as few or as many classes at a time as they’d like.

Each class credit is good for 1 session of a group class, or 45 mins of private coaching.

You can purchase credits individually, or in larger quantities - you'll notice a discounted price when purchasing credits in larger quantities.

For example, a single session of Core scene study costs 1 class credit. If you buy 4 class credits, you can take 4 classes, which would result in completing Core 1. After that would be 4 classes of Core 2.

See our class structure infographic at the bottom of this page for more details.

  • Our Class Schedule page has detailed descriptions of all classes and workshops.
  • Adults (18+) who are brand new to acting should start in our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop, a 4-hour session that will introduce you to our unique and practical concepts of film/TV acting and give you lots of time working on scenes. If you're lightly trained in theater, or returning to acting from a break, this is the place to start too, as you'll be adequately challenged with a more experienced scene partner if needed. Once completing the beginner workshop, you may be invited to continue training in our Beginners ongoing program.
  • Those with prior experience may be eligible to purchase 1 class credit and join a Foundations & Core class -- your coach will advise you on an appropriate category and level to continue after that session.
  • Actors then progress through the five categories of our Acting On-Camera Technique training program, with the moderate Essentials levels, then moving through Intermediate, and Advanced levels, which are a hybrid of On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, Character Development, and Dramatic Improvisation.
  • Each program has multiple levels with 4 classes per level. Each class costs 1 credit. Advanced is intended as ongoing scene study training.
  • The new ongoing Audition Technique Workshop is for actors with prior training and industry experience at the intermediate level or higher. Headshot, resume, demo reel, and recent self-tapes are required to assess eligiblity.
  • Adult actors are strongly encouraged to sign up to attend a mini-workshop and observe one of our ongoing classes for free so you can see how we do things at The O.A.Studio!
  • Teen actors can join our Acting On-Camera for Teens (ages 14-18) program which is made up of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.