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"I am hooked to the freedom I’m finding in my work at The O.A. Training Studio. My coach really helps me get out of my head and bravely follow my natural impulses. We focus on making acting fun and taking the pressure off! I look forward to each class because we truly just play and explore. I have found a new family at this studio and am very grateful for all the love, attention and confidence I get."

- Kapila Rego

"Joining the Online Actor Training Studio has been one of the best decisions I have ever made both for my career and personal life. The coaches are amazing and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the craft of acting. We are given practical instructions and advice which allows each actor to improve week after week, and find their own individuality and style of performance. A fantastic platform with wonderful people, the studio contributes fantastic tools to an actor’s life. I feel I have grown as an actor, and as a person, during my time here and I look forward to taking many more classes at the studio in the future."

- Ryan Sloan

"Training with The O.A. Training Studio has been a bright light keeping me going during this pandemic. Definitely some of the best coaching I have ever experienced. These classes are what every artist needs: a safe and fun space to try, fail, learn, and experiment! Learning on-camera techniques has given me extra confidence to audition for (and book) my first role in a short film! Some of the advantages of the online format include flexible scheduling (several class times to choose from each week), taking class from any quiet space with a wifi connection, and getting to act and connect with people from all around the world. This class has become a little family, we help each other out and celebrate our progress!"

- Katrine Mangin

“The classes are small and you get to know everyone and see their acting skills improve weekly. We also get to step outside the box and try one scene in so many different ways which is always fun to perform and watch. I also love the fact that this class is online - the way I get to connect with people all over and outside the country. Overall I definitely recommend the classes and workshop and I’m excited to see how my skills are going to improve going forward. The webinars are amazing too! So much great info and insight on the industry and challenges that I’ll be facing in my career. I actually got an agent in the same week of the How To Get an Agent Webinar!”

- Flojo S.

What a gift it's been to discover The O.A. Training Studio! I can't express enough just how much this studio has tangibly helped me out in my process as a working actor. I have taken numerous classes at many different studios with various coaches but without hesitation the coaches at The O.A. Training Studio have been the most helpful for my practice. They have demonstrated that they are truly invested in my success, support my growth, and push me to find my unique voice and impulses within this art. Their wisdom is so valuable. I am so very grateful I have the pleasure to learn from them.
- Erin Morgan

"The O.A. Training Studio is amazing and I have an impeccable acting coach. He’s helped me in so many ways to improve, and he never gave up on me. Figuring out the scene is so easy for me now. It was getting down to the raw and truthful emotions, moment-to-moment, that are necessary to fulfill the obligations of the story that was difficult. No matter how funny, dark, or embarrassing it is, I always find it with my coach’s help, and I take it with me into my audition and nail it every time I work with him. He literally is just wow! He has taught me the true meaning of being an actress and challenges me when I need it! He is the best of the best! I’d highly recommend The O.A. Training Studio!"

- Deidra Murphy

“I’ve done a wide range of acting classes in my time and I have to say The O.A. has sincerely helped me improve and develop my craft and mentality towards acting - especially for self tapes. The O.A. Team provides real insight, tips, and have a sincere understanding of the industry and casting. As working performers themselves, it’s driven with passion and built as a community, which makes me feel welcome, supported, and equally understood - and that’s rare. I just simply can’t fault them - they even help accommodate your time schedule and offer classes to support differing time zones, so you get a global OA community. Really, really impressed!"

- Andrew Horden

"The insight and advice I've received from The O.A. has been invaluable! Ever since I started classes with The O.A. Training Studio, I've noticed significant improvements in not only my acting abilities, but in my confidence as well. Cultivating friendships with fellowactors/peers from class has been a wonderful experience; I feel a true sense of belonging within this community of like-minded, ambitious individuals! The class environment is one of information, exploration, and FUN! So, so much fun. I'm immensely glad I found you guys, and not to be dramatic (because I'm not exaggerating when I say this) but The O.A. has changed the trajectory of my career in the most positive way."

- Nicole Biello

I'm absolutely blown away by how much I've learned and grown through classes at The O.A. Training Studio! When I started classes here, I had taken almost two years off acting. My confidence was super low, I had no clue what I was doing in general. These classes and my coach have helped me remember why this is what I want to do, and shown me what I need to do to get there. The emphasis is on freedom and finding yourself through the work, rather than getting stuck in analysis. Guidance and direction are always encouraging and reaffirming of the work you're putting up, to help you see the ways that you're growing one class at a time."

- Sami Nardone

"My experience with the O.A. Training Studio has been nothing but extremely positive! Vas is one of the best teachers I've ever had and I am beyond grateful to be learning from him! He's such a warm and generous teacher who truly cares about the success of his students and his passion is contagious! I always leave class feeling even more motivated and excited. His teaching style is so unique and refreshing, as we deviate from typical script analysis and focus on exploration, freedom, and HAVING FUN! Going to class feels like I just get to go play! Also, as a South Asian, it's incredibly empowering to see people who look like you in this business, but more so to learn from them as well! The community of actors is also so supportive. I know this business can get expensive, but this is one studio/teacher that I promise you is worth the investment! I HIGHLY recommend joining and takes classes from Vas!”
- Priya Bhavaani

I really appreciate how the coaches actually take time with every individual, and you can tell they genuinely love coaching and they also genuinely care about each and every student. The Online Actor Training Studio always builds up your self-esteem and with every student (no matter who you are or where you're from) they ensure they set you well on your path of establishing a positive and productive acting career. Classes are so affordable and it's so nice that you can observe and take a free class before you sign up.
- Arnika Paske

Love the way you coach! I'm not sure if every actor realizes it, but you are putting them into themselves on camera! Through your exercises and working with each individual, I see you using your techniques to show them what it feels like to perform naturally. 
- Courtney Breaton

The Online Actor Training Studio has been a safe sanctuary to ask taboo questions about the industry and shake up my approach to acting on a professional level. Vas has been instrumental in reshaping my mindset in navigating the industry which can gatekeep a lot of knowledge like this from up-and-coming actors or those simply starting to develop their craft as actors.
- Claudia Liz

"The year 2020 was a really hard one for me acting and health-wise, and I really wanted to give up on acting. But in the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t. So I started searching for a class online since that was the only option. And I'm very happy I did. I audited a class. After that first audit my dream and love for acting was renewed. And the way my coach teaches is so powerful and insightful. He really does help you bring your truth and purpose for the character. And he listens and takes the time to help you process. I have been telling every actor I know about his class. And I can't wait to continue.”
- Rumur Knowles

"The O.A. Training Studio is nothing short of amazing. When I first audited a class I could tell right away that Vas genuinely loves coaching and acting. The way he takes his time with actors, has fun with the scenes, and offers very intelligent insight proves that this is his passion and he’s very good at it. Not only do you get amazing coaching, but you get the community they’ve built along with it. I’ll continue their services throughout my acting career for sure."
- Gregory Beery

"I was recommended by a friend of mine to attend The O.A. Training Studio's Free Webinar. After watching the webinar I booked my free observation and then signed up for classes immediately. I really enjoy all my classes, and watching other actors and learning from them. Not only have I improved my acting skills, but I’ve improved my mindset in the same time. I am really grateful to the studio for this training."
- Racheal Tse

Being able to adapt so smoothly to each actor's skill set and enhancing them is a gift. Vas and Marina are a one of a kind pair. They truly are not only talented coaches but amazingly sweet people who care about their students and their work. I have all the time in the world for them. It makes training all the better to enjoy the time spent being coached. You'll gain so many friends, make inside jokes and have a continuous stream of people willing to help you from the studio. It's such a community! What I've really loved has been learning how much deeper I can go with guidance. That there is so much more you can access, we've got infinite potential. Vas and Marina are there to bring it out of ya!
- Sionnan Dunne

"The coaches of The O.A have been a great help to me as a newbie who wants to become more serious in acting! They personalize the experience for where and who you are. It has been insightful and so fun to be active in the community they create. And the rates are so affordable as a young person!"
- Michelle McCree

"Most of my life I felt like I had to go to university, get a degree and get a stable, safe job, while keeping acting as a weekend hobby that I was passionate about. The O.A. and my coach changed my life because through classes and constant support I finally started to believe in myself more and more, which made the dream of being a full-time actor seem like a reality. The approach that my coach takes with all his students helps them grow in their own individual ways, and I am absolutely shocked to see the difference in my self-tapes from a year ago, before I started taking these classes. Since my time in The O.A., I have been getting consistent callbacks and bookings!"
- Ivan Sadovsky

I am very glad and grateful that I found The O.A. Training Studio when I did. So far it has been an amazing experience and I am very glad that I made the decision to attend classes. These classes have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have allowed me to step out of the box. The O.A. Training Studio classes are safe spaces for all actors no matter what level you’re at. Everyone is very welcoming. Especially Coach Vas - he really cares for the growth and progress of all the actors and he is so patient with each individual. The advice and guidance from Coach Vas is amazing he truly wants all the actors in the studio to succeed and be confident in their craft. I really enjoy my time in class and I look forward to taking many more classes at the studio. Without a doubt I would recommend The O.A Training Studio to anyone of any level.
- Alika Reid-Lindsay

"Finding the O. A. Training Studio was such a blessing! After finally biting the bullet and deciding to give acting a try, the classes at the O. A. Training Studio really changed things for me. Every class is a chance to discover something new about yourself, and the structure of the classes are so conducive to a relaxed, healthy, and fun space to test your acting skills. It’s such a supportive environment that makes you feel like you can explore all avenues of acting, without any pressure or expectations. I love the energy that every class brings and Coach Vas has really helped me come out of my shell and feel overall more confident in not only my acting technique, but myself. I’m so grateful for this studio and little family that Vas and Marina have created!"
- Becca Breitfeller

"I have had different acting coaches in my life, but Coach Vas is exceptional. Joining The O.A. Training Studio was the best decision I have ever made and it is so worth investing in the classes! Coach Vas has helped me improve and challenge myself in so many forms. I truly am so appreciative of his work ethic and effort to bring my individuality into the scenes. I have so much to learn from him but every class I participate in I learn something new. It is never a dull moment in his studios. I also made some very good friends along the way, which I am so grateful for. OA classes are extremely therapeutic for me and I always look forward to each and every class."
- Anika Zaman

I have been taking online classes at The Online Actor Training Studio and have been absolutely blown away by the experience! It’s been fantastic! I am very cautious with how I choose to spend my time and money, so I took one of the free trial classes and attended a free webinar. I signed up for classes immediately afterwards and haven't regretted it at all. The quality of instruction and the wealth of information provided have been at such a high level. 
- Elizabeth Friesen

Joining The O.A. Training Studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I first observed a class, and instantly knew that this was the group for me and I have not looked back since. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and there is a real sense of community among all the actors and the coaches. I have had both Marina and Vas as coaches - they are both so dedicated and passionate about the craft and it is evident in their teaching and in their classes. With the pandemic over the last year, it’s a great way to begin your journey, while doing it all online.
- Alana Barnes

Working with my coach at The O.A. Training Studio has been a game changer for my career. He has brought out talent in my work that I did not know I had. This is what makes the acting classes truly enjoyable. My coach is a down-to-earth professional, who knows how to bring the best out in his actors. The approach he relays to his actors focuses on spontaneity and truth. After working with my coach at The O.A and working through his approach to acting, I truly would not want to work with anyone else.
- Brooke Edwards 

I absolutely love these classes and both the coaches! I remember observing my first class. It was confirmation that acting is what I want to do, but I was too nervous that I didn't even start my first class until months later! The coach I had for all my classes was Vas and he immediately made me feel comfortable. He challenged me when he felt I was ready for something new, and being paired up with different actors and actresses was so fun and freeing for me. I loved connecting with other people who I felt understand me if that makes sense! O.A will forever be my family!
- Vanessa Mohr-Johnson

"When I first started taking classes at The Online Actor, I'd already been taking a beginning acting class at a local studio near my home. I was so nervous about doing an online class, and wasn't sure that I'd like it or how effective it could possibly be. But I've come such a LONG way since I started at The Online Actor. It's a great complement to my in-person class. It allows me to just do the work, instead of being nervous about getting all the lines memorized word-for-word, or getting hung up on script or character analysis. Vas is such a great coach and everyone that I've worked with has been really nice. And class is fun! I look forward to it every week, and I also love the flexibility of the scheduling. And the fact that I'm getting fantastic instruction for such an affordable price is the icing on the cake!"
- Ann Cobb

"This class is great with high stakes but low pressure. Vas never makes you feel bad for forgetting lines or not being on your A-game. It's a judgement-free zone. He coaches you through the fundamentals of acting without putting you in a box. I have learned so many new techniques and have learned to get out of my head and lead with my heart and gut. I'm learning to work off impulse and challenged to give varying performances each class. My acting ability is becoming that much more nuanced and eclectic."
- Sadia Alao

I can't recommend this place enough! I was super weary to take an online acting class after a previous bad experience, but I am so glad I did! The Online Actor Training Studio offers high quality classes at an affordable cost. Vas is an extremely warm and welcoming coach. He is extremely skilled at quickly identifying actors' strengths and weaknesses. I have only been taking classes for a few months, but I can already feel myself improving and becoming more confident. Everyone gets to work each class and you get to work with a variety of people at different skills levels. All my classmates have been super warm and welcoming. Classes are available multiple days of the week and scheduling is super flexible. If you're on the fence you can audit a class for free. This class is definitely worth trying out!
- Maddie Krentz

"I’m so grateful to have found Coach Vas and the Online Actor Training Studio during COVID. Not only have I made incredible friendships and memories that will last me a lifetime, but I have grown so much as a person and as an actor. From a baby actor who was afraid to make eye contact to a much more confident human being. I certainly credit the extremely friendly class environment and Coach Vas to how vulnerable I have been able to be in class, a place I’ve been able to experiment and grow. Quite frankly, a lot of acting methods aren’t practical and don’t help in real life on set. Living in Los Angeles, I’ve tried these things and there are a lot of fads out there. But Coach Vas is much more realistic. He helps each student build a toolkit that you will actually use on set. I have used every single tool we learned in class at some point— they definitely have come in handy and helped me when I couldn’t “get there” in a scene. I have also watched fellow students grow incredibly as actors. Even just a few classes can make a huge difference in your acting. Coach Vas will also give you excellent advice on really important aspects of acting that often get overlooked: headshots, acting reels, general advice on what type of characters you can play, and audition techniques. I get asked often on set who my acting teacher/school is, and I’m happy to say Coach Vas and The Online Actor Training Studio, aka my second home!"
- Nandini Persad

"I started training with The Online Actor almost a year and a half ago, more so as something to do during the pandemic. But let me just tell you, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Vas (aka coach), is truly such an incredible person. Learning from someone who is clearly so beyond passionate about acting makes everyone's experience not only better but also way more fun. I've learned so many things about the industry that I never even thought of before, and I'm still learning to this day. My favourite part about this studio is that it's so chill. As a student balancing my school, job, social life and acting has been difficult for me. But the freedom you get with booking and the encouragement from Vas and other actors has made me make sure I still fit class in when I can. Long story short, I have nothing bad to say about The Online Actor Training Studio!"
- Lauren Fraumeni

I really enjoy my classes with Coach Vas. I am usually nervous before every audition and even nervous before rehearsing in class and but Vas has a no-pressure, relaxed approach that helps me feel comfortable. Even when I make mistakes he’s patient and guides me through. I especially love the acting exercises we do! They change every class so I get to strengthen skills that I might not get to work on with regular auditioning. I also like that he uses down-to-earth explanations and many examples from today's film and television. My confidence and skills have most definitely improved since taking the class.
- Kalina Karadavis

The Online Actor is a great way to learn & develop your acting skills! I started out not knowing a single thing about the industry & I now feel more confident navigating it. If I don't know what I need to do, Vas has been insightful & helpful in directing me where I need to go. I also feel like I have a bigger acting range, throughly enjoy meeting up with my fellow actors, & have fun overall in the classes.
- Jeremy Barrett

Being apart of The Online Actor Training Studio feels like you are getting high level acting classes from the comfort of your home for an affordable price. Classes with Coach Vas are a time where you not only learn important skills to strengthen your acting, but where you also get countless important tips on the industry and how things are like on set. Other students in class are supportive and it is beginner friendly!
- Abigail Bailey

Last year I decided I wanted to give acting another try. I struggled to find in-person classes in my area, so I started to look for online classes instead. I’m so happy that I came across the O.A Training Studio! Since joining the studio, I have noticed immense growth not only in my acting but also my confidence. Coach Vas has really helped me rediscover my passion for acting and I’m grateful to be learning from him. He has so much knowledge to share and is an extremely talented and genuine coach. I love how his approach recognises each student’s individuality and strengths. Class is always the highlight of my week!
- Bongiwe Bhebhe-Mkandla