Are Online Acting Classes Worth It? - The Online Actor

This is a very common question that definitely calls for a deeper dive! Let's take a look at many of the considerations surrounding online acting classes and shed some light on things.

What are online acting classes?

Online acting classes are a convenient and affordable way to study acting from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and the willingness to learn.

Here at The Online Actor Studio, our Film & TV focused acting classes for adults and teens differ from in-person classes in only one way: you're not in the same physical space as other actors. Each actor is on-camera at their own location, doing scene work with an actor on-camera at their location. You'll learn all the same things as an in-person class, and more!

Who should take acting classes online?

Anyone who wants to study acting, or can benefit from acting training, should take acting classes online. You'll gain access to coaches you wouldn't normally be able to study with in person, especially if you live in a more rural area where in person classes aren't available or as common.

Where can you take acting classes remotely?

There are many places to study acting online, like The Online Actor! The O.A. Training Studio offers some of the most affordable and engaging online acting classes you can find. We are a completely online studio by design, not a studio that has temporarily adapted to an online format.

What kind of equipment do you need?

Equipment for online acting training is best centered around easily accessible materials. The O.A. Studio is entirely film/TV focused, so we take a very camera-oriented approach. We recommend having a laptop you can elevate at eye-level, or a mobile device mounted on a tripod for the best experience. In our classes, scenes are framed and shot cinematically and actors use their own spaces as the set. You're empowered to engage with deeper aspects of the filmmaking process and create your own work outside of class.

Why should I even take an acting class?

To get started with something, you need to learn the fundamentals. To get better at something you need to train consistently. Acting classes give you foundational knowledge, build your confidence, and get you practicing regularly so that you can be ready for any unique and spontaneous challenge that comes your way. If you want to audition and book roles, approaching acting training like a working actor is your strongest bet. Classes give you the best shot at that, and online classes are an extremely convenient and affordable choice!