Online Acting Classes | Types & Schedule

What classes should a beginner actor take?

A beginner actor should take a class that helps them learn the fundamentals of acting, including memorization, scene interpretation, vocal and physical expression, and camera awareness. Beyond that, improvisation, character development, and audition technique can help a beginner actor move into intermediate territory. Our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop is the perfect place to start.

How to choose online acting classes

When choosing online acting classes, it's best to consider the coach's qualifications, class format, class size, actor testimonials, and your personal goals. We recommend that actors research, compare, and choose one that aligns best with your needs and interests.

The Online Actor was included in Backstage's list of best online acting classes! Our studio has a wide variety of offerings. In addition to our classes and workshops below, actors of all skill and experience levels (ages 14+) are eligible for Private Audition Coaching, Private Career Coaching, Self-Tape or Demo Reel Feedback. Semi-Private Acting Training may be offered upon request.

Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop

Our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop is a 4-hour session for those brand new to on-camera acting, or revisiting acting after a break. It's offered once a month, typically on a Friday at 5pm Eastern Time, or Sunday at 2pm Eastern Time. After completing this workshop, actors may be eligible to continue in our Foundations program at the cost of 1 class credit per session.

Acting On-Camera | Foundations

Our Foundations levels (1-6) are for actors with past experience, either stage or screen, as well as those who have completed our Acting for Beginners Workshop and are ready to move up in our training. These classes are typically held once every 2 weeks, rotating between Fridays and Sundays, sometimes overlapping with the Beginner workshop.

Acting On-Camera | Core

Our Core levels (1-6) are for actors with past experience and training, as well as those who have completed our Acting On-Camera | Core levels and are moving up in our training. These classes are typically held once per week, rotating between Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, typically at 5pm Eastern Time.

Essentials / Intermediate / Advanced

Actors in our Essentials, Intermediate, and Advanced levels all train together in a hybrid Scene Study, On-Camera Technique, and Audition Technique format. The classes incorporate 50+ training concepts, focusing on story interpretation, character development, and dramatic improvisation. Scenes uses are longer and more complex. These levels are for actors with a moderate amount of screen experience or greater, as well as those who have worked through our Foundations and Core levels. Actors at similar levels are paired together for scene work. These classes are typically held once per week, rotating between Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, typically at 5pm Eastern Time.

Free Mini-Workshop + Observation session

Attending our mini-workshop, Modern Concepts in Screen Acting, and simultaneously observing an acting on-camera class is free for eligible adult actors. Consider signing up to experience our unique and grounded approach to screen acting.

Acting On-Camera | Teens

Our Teen Acting Classes are fully online 3-4 hour training sessions available to actors ages 14-18. Newer teen actors will be introduced to the basic concepts of performing through paired and individual on-camera coaching. Teen actors with prior experience/training will learn intermediate & advanced concepts and techniques to help evolve their craft and take them to the next level. Space is limited, and new class dates are decided based on availability, so be sure to act fast!

How to Get Started at The O.A.

Adults (18+) who are brand new to acting should take our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop, a 4-hour session that will introduce you to concepts of film/TV acting and give you lots of time working on scenes. If you're lightly trained in theater, or returning to acting for a break, this is the place to start.

Adult actors with prior experience may purchase 1 credit and may be able to join a Foundations or Core class -- our coaches will advise you on an appropriate category and level to continue at after that session. Our Acting On-Camera training program continues with moderate Essentials levels, then moving through Intermediate, and Advanced, which are a hybrid of On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, and Audition Technique. Each has multiple levels with 4 classes per level. Each class costs 1 credit. Mastery is intended as ongoing training with no level endpoint.

Class credits can be purchased either in packs of 4 for each level, individually, or in a number of larger quantities.

Curious about our options for teens? The O.A. is proud to offer Acting On-Camera for Teens (Ages 14-18)!