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The Online Actor offers eligible actors the option to attend a mini-workshop & audit a technique class for free. This workshop/class combo is offered 1-2x a week on different dates/times. When you attend the free session, you'll learn new and practical ways to approach screen acting during the workshop called A New Approach to Screen Acting: Advanced Concepts & Exercises. The coach will go in-depth on powerful elements of acting, as well as theory and exercises you haven't seen anywhere else before. These form part of Acting Skillset Training (A.S.T) -- developed by Coach Vas Saranga, a series regular and working actor of nearly 20 years.

For instance, in our online classes, actors don't use Script Analysis, but rather, they learn Active Script Exploration. They don't simply sit at their computer desks and discuss a scene as if it was homework, with the goal of playing a scene once, then getting notes to play it again a certain way. Instead, actors use our class scenes to work through a series of exercises intended to get them experiencing and making discoveries about the story and characters. They also move through the space, using blocking, activity, and props -- hitting marks and different shot sizes, cinematically, as if they're were on set. This type of training better prepares them for the realities of self-taping, as well as working as a screen actor on location, or in studio.

Nearly all cerebral concepts and practices from other forms of training are challenged in Acting Skillset Training by using visceral counterparts: these get actors living and breathing the character and story. Dramatic Improvisation is explored, putting the actors through exercises where they speak actor and character truths, building out the story world by using their essence. By being introduced to these concepts in the workshop, then watching our actors get coached on this approach, you'll see it all put into practice, and leave with useful tips, insight, and exercises to take with you on your acting journey.

Whether you're totally new to acting, experienced in theater but not the screen, or you've already been working in Film & TV, you'll learn something fresh and unique when you attend the free mini-workshop and audit a class at The O.A. There's no obligation to take any paid classes with us after the free session. It's completely free for actors to learn a new approach, and get exposure to our studio. We're proud to have been recently featured in Backstage as one of the best online acting classes.

To sign up, simply click the button above, or click here to fill out the submission form.

This free session is only available for actors 18+. If you're a Teen actor interested in classes, check out our ongoing program: Acting On-Camera for Teens.

There is no obligation to join the studio after a free session. This is a risk-free way to experience our training style and gain new insight on acting technique. If you decide you want to train with us, check out the progression of our classes and programs in our class infographic.

Our Acting On-Camera | Beginners Workshop is a 4-hour session for brand new actors to get an introduction to the film/TV industry and lots of time working on scenes with other actors. After the workshop, select actors may be invited to continue training in our Beginners ongoing program.

You'll progress through the five categories of our Acting On-Camera training program, starting with Foundations & Core levels 1-6. Then, onto Essentials, Intermediate, Advanced, which are hybrid classes of On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, Character Development, and Dramatic Improvisation. Each has multiple levels with 4 classes per level, except Advanced which is an ongoing program. Those in the mixed-level class have access to an ongoing Audition Technique Class.

There's a clear progression through these categories and levels. You'll take on more complex material across numerous genres while finding what is uniquely you as the actor. Your coach will challenge you to build and develop areas of your range through a variety of individualized exercises and techniques. You'll discover what's memorable and compelling on-camera that you can bring forward to help casting learn who you are and solidify your talent as someone to watch.

If you're a Teen actor interested in classes, check out Acting On-Camera for Teens.

Learn how to start your acting career in our video course!

The O.A. Training Method

By observing one of our classes for free, you'll experience The O.A. training method for yourself. You'll see that actors are not huddled in front of their computers reading scripts off the screen, like many classes that have temporarily adapted to an online format. At The O.A., scenes are framed, blocked, and shot cinematically. Actors are empowered to use their own spaces creatively and effectively for on-screen performance. You'll develop a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process and will be encouraged to create work on your own using the skills you develop in class. The observation session is combined with our free mini-workshop: A New Approach to Screen Acting: Modern Concepts & Exercises.

What You'll Learn

Among many other concepts, you'll gain insight into Acting Skillset Training -- our studio's unique approach to the craft. It takes actors from foundational acting skills, through to audition/self-taping technique, scene study, and on-set style blocking. A tripod and cell phone mount setup is encouraged (but not required until our Intermediate levels) as we work with movement in the frame, using props, hitting marks, shot and frame sizes, and lighting. You'll get to play with wardrobe choices, size of performance, stillness, scene interpretation, and even more concepts that are extremely relevant for screen acting.

What The Class Is Like

Some portions of our classes involve theory and technique discussions, while most of the time is spent performing scripts on-camera with other actors. You'll receive ample individualized instruction and guidance from our expert coaches, who are also working actors - they provide valuable insight as they know what it's like to be working in the industry right now. Our training sessions mimic an on-set shooting style as well as most common self-tape setups (self-tapes are audition tapes that you shoot yourself). Career group coaching on headshots, resumes, demo reels, agents, etc. also takes place as part of ongoing class discussion.

Private Coaching Options

Have an audition or self-tape and in need of some help? We offer affordable online self-tape audition coaching to actors ages 14+. Meet one-on-one with an expert coach as you work through an upcoming audition and even film the self-tape in an Audition Coaching, or receive actionable advice and dicuss tangible next steps for your career in a Career Coaching. We also offer Self-Tape or Demo Reel Feedback, where actors can submit a self-tape or demo reel (up to 5 minutes in length), and will receive 15-20 minutes of audio/video feedback from one of our expert coaches!

Why Train at The O.A.?

- Our unique organic approach to screen acting (we work with 50+ concepts) gives you access to practical knowledge you can use to book the job, while presenting acting in a very playfun, engaging, and accessible way.
- Online classes mean you can learn from anywhere and connect with a global community of actors.
- Small class sizes (typically 4-6 actors) guarantee individualized instruction.
- There are no "semesters" or "terms," meaning actors can jump into our ongoing classes at any time.
- Flexibility with rescheduling and purchase options. Our class credit system allows you to purchase as many or as few classes at a time as you'd like.
- Access to our exclusive community, Evolve the Craft Workshops, and private Discord server, providing industry advice, support for auditions, and more.
- Discounts on One-on-One Audition Coaching, One-on-One Career Coaching, and Self-Tape or Demo Reel Feedback.
- Ongoing class discussion of industry-related topics including headshots, demo reels, agents, and more.

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