Free Acting Class on Zoom (Drop In Lesson)

Try a free online acting class on Zoom with The Online Actor and learn a unique acting technique that can help you book work in film and television. We train actors from Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Sydney, NYC, Dublin, and beyond.

Curious about our classes? Eligible adults can take a free single session in our drop-in scene study class with no obligation! 100% free. No requirement to sign up or take future classes. This is a great way to get a feel for acting classes and our studio. Teens are not eligible to observe or participate at this time, however that will change in the coming months!

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Whether you're totally new to acting, or have experience in theater but not in Film & TV, our classes can help you improve your craft.


Intro to Acting On-Camera is a single day workshop that starts with the foundations of acting and gets you reading scripts and working scenes with other actors very quickly in a fun environment!

Essentials of Acting On-Camera introduces our organic approach and practical technique for Film & TV acting in an on-going scene study format. 

Intermediate Acting On-Camera challenges the actor to a greater degree, using longer scenes and pairing actors with intermediate and Advanced level scene partners.

Advanced Acting On-Camera introduces a greater focus on blocking and movement, as well as emotional depth. Actors are given extensive dialogue to memorize, including monologues, as part of their exploratory on-camera work.

In-Depth Acting On-Camera focuses primarily on going deeper into understanding story and scenes as well as strengthening actor weaknesses. Going to those difficult places and staying there. Mining the most from your unique personality and experience to create the most truthful acting on screen. Actors are paired together and work much more directly with on-going partners at this level.


Actors are not huddled in front of their computers - they're up on their feet using their home as their film set. Scenes are frame, blocked, and shot cinematically. Actors are empowered to create their own work after developing a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process. Tripod and cell phone mount (to elevate Zoom camera and frame the shot in closeup) are encouraged but not required until the Intermediate level.



PLEASE fill out this form to secure a date and get the Zoom link.