CURRENT SCHEDULE | Online Acting Classes

In addition to our classes and workshops below, actors of all skill and experience levels (ages 14+) are eligible for Private Audition Coaching, Private Career Coaching, Self-Tape or Demo Reel Feedback. Semi-Private Paired Training is available upon request.

Acting for Beginners Workshop

Our Acting for Beginners Workshop is a 3-4 hour session for those newer to acting. It is offered 2-3 times per month on different days. Check the product page to see when our next session will be!

Acting On-Camera | Scene Study | Mixed-Level

The different categories and levels of Acting On-Camera | Scene Study (Essentials, Intermediate, Advanced, and In-Depth) all train together in a mixed-level class. Actors at similar levels are paired together for scenework. There are no "terms" or "semesters." Actors can hop in at any time!

Sundays: 2-5pm EST / 11am-2pm PST / 7-10pm BST

Tuesdays: 5-8pm EST / 2-5pm PST / 10pm BST

Thursdays: 5-8pm EST / 2-5pm PST / 10pm BST

Saturdays: 2-5pm EST / 11am-2pm PST / 7-10pm BST

Classes are occasionally held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Actors can attend once per week or less frequently. Private Coaching (Career Coaching, Audition Coaching, or Self-Tape & Demo Reel Feedback) is available multiple days per week to actors of all skill and experience levels, whether you train with us at The O.A. or not. On select days, Audition Technique Classes, available to those training at Essentials 2 or higher, may be held instead of Scene Study.

Free Industry-Focused Workshops and Live Webinars

Our Free Workshop and Webinar Series "Level Up Your Acting Career" covers a variety of topics from proper self-tape setup to getting an agent. Our informational workshop "How to Launch Your Acting Career" is available to watch multiple times per day on a flexible schedule. Our free live webinars are held monthly and involve a Q&A component with Film/TV actor and coach Vas Saranga.

Free Observation and Free Drop-In Acting Class

Observing a class for free is a risk-free way for you to experience our unique and grounded approach to screen acting completely free of charge.

How to Get Started at The O.A. Training Studio

Adults (18+) who are brand new to acting should take our Acting for Beginners Workshop, a 3-hour session that will introduce you to the film/TV industry and give you lots of time working on scenes.

Those with some prior experience can purchase 1 credit and hop into an Ongoing Scene Study Class, and our coaches will advise you on an appropriate category and level to start at.

From there, you'll progress through our Scene Study Program. Each category (Essentials, Intermediate, Advanced) contains 5 levels, and each level has 4 classes. Complete 4 classes (4 credits) to move up to the next level!

Class credits can be purchased either in packs of 4 for each level, individually, or in a number of larger quantities.

Curious about our options for teens? The O.A. Training Studio is proud to offer Teen Acting Workshops (Ages 16-19)!