Free Online Acting Webinars/Workshops

The O.A. Training Studio's Free Acting Webinars, "Level Up Your Acting Career," are part of an ongoing series industry-focused sessions. They are completely free! We created this free series to mentor actors and build networking opportunities for actors/filmmakers. It is not required to join our weekly classes. There's absolutely NO obligation beyond the free webinars. We love coaching and are happy to be a launching point for someone’s acting career!

Our webinars cover:

Changes to the industry in 2022

Getting headshots and updating them

Creating, building, and refining your resume

The casting process

How to get auditions (through self-submissions and through agents)

The importance of self-taped auditions in 2022, and strategies to create memorable self-tapes

Building and refining your demo reel (the best material to put on it, and when)

Getting an agent (detailed process with strategies)

Getting into commercials, print, and voiceover

Setting up a home studio and perfecting your self-tape setup

The money you make as an actor

Acting in smaller cities vs. major cities (US, Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand)

Timelines for success and the business-minded approach to building your career

The O.A.'s approach to film/TV acting

Acting while working a full-time job

Are you getting the auditions you want?

Are you with an agent that's the right fit?

What is casting actually looking for?

What is the "it" factor some people seem to have, and how can you develop yours?

Q&A and much more!

*Please note if you are under 18, you must have parental consent and have your parents register on your behalf in order to attend our webinars. Those under 18 require parental conset to attend any of our sessions as per our Studio Terms and Conditions.*