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Online Acting Classes for Actors in Atlanta

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Building your acting career from Atlanta? Learn a new organic and practical approach to acting in our Zoom acting classes can help you take your career to the next level.

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Discover the difference at our studio by taking a FREE acting class. 
Try a class for free and see for yourself before you spend a dime. Actors work extra hard to pay for training, headshots, casting websites, and countless other things. A free drop in class is the perfect way to get a taste of our training style.


Discover an organic, natural, and practical technique of acting in Atlanta

We do things completely differently from every single studio. Yes, we're online, but you can actually learn more this way. You can work on scenes through Zoom using a tripod, lights, and a cell phone, in the same way that you shoot self-tapes. Our classes focus on foundational technique as well as camera blocking. Learn the "G.U.T.S." method to understand the story of the "S.C.E.N.E." Utilize what we call the "B.E.S.T. C.R.A.F.T." system of artistically interpreting a scene into a fully alive compelling performance.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced and Master level acting classes online in Atlanta

Is Atlanta a good place to start an acting career?

Atlanta is the perfect place to start an acting career. If you're a beginner, there are tons of independent opportunities to help you build your resume. If you're intermediate or advanced there are lots of professional TV and film productions shooting in Atlanta, Savannah, and around Georgia.

Are there any easy beginner acting classes in Atlanta?

How to find affordable acting classes in Atlanta

You could study at Georgia State University and get a degree in acting.

What are the best online acting classes on Zoom in atlanta?

If you love theater and have the patience for learning at the pace of a traditional institution, you could certainly get a degree in acting from a major university. Our online acting classes offer an alternative to studying acting at a traditional institution. It's cost effective and you can get started immediately with no experience. If you already have a degree or an arts education, you can refine it by learning our screen acting approach to fully round out your training.

What are the best acting classes in Atlanta? The O.A. Training Studio

The difference with our studio

We don't follow traditional methods of acting theory in our online acting classes for actors in Atlanta. Sure, our approach shares some of the basic tenets of acting theory that dates back decades. However, the art form has evolved a lot since then, and acting for the screen has become a storytelling medium that can benefit from a completely fresh approach. Created by working actors.

How can I learn acting online in Atlanta?

How to start acting in Atlanta

Learn more about our Atlanta acting classes on Zoom and see what level you would most benefit from starting at.

In-Person vs Online Acting Training

While in-person training can give you actors and coaches to work with physically, distancing is still required to some degree. You're also limited in which coaches you have access to, and what actors you train with. Taking online acting classes on the other hand, gives you access to any coach in the world, and you get to work with actors from Atlanta, as well as New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Auckland and Dublin. Absorb accents from other actors, play scenes with people and train with coaches who can inspire you more than you thought. 
Are Online Acting Classes Worth It - Can you learn acting online?

How to become an actor in Atlanta

The first place to start is to take one of our free acting webinars. These are informational sessions that are super engaging and completely FREE. You'll learn how to get started, how to choose training, find sides, find other actors to practice with, where to find auditions, how to get an agent and everything else on this list:

Free Acting Workshop in Atlanta Georgia Online on Zoom

These 1-hour online acting webinars are industry-focused sessions that are part of an on-going series. They are completely FREE and a great way to learn all things acting related, especially how to grow your acting career! 

**Why are the webinars free?**

We created this free series to mentor actors and build networking opportunities for actors/filmmakers. It is not required to join our weekly classes. There's absolutely NO obligation beyond the free webinars. We love coaching and are happy to be a launching point for someone’s acting career.

How can I find a free acting class in Atlanta?

In these webinars we cover:

- changes to the industry in 2021
- getting headshots (and updating them)
- creating and building/refining your resume
- how casting works
- how to get auditions (yourself and through an agent)
- self-taping auditions
- building a demo reel (the best material to put on it, and when)
- getting an agent (detailed process with strategies)
- getting into commercials, print, and voice
- the money you make as an actor
- setting up a home studio
- acting in smaller cities vs major cities (US & Canada)
- timelines for success
- our studio's approach to film/tv acting
- the importance of being great at self-taping in 2021
- the perfect self-tape setup
- are you getting the auditions you want?
- the best way to self-submit
- are you with an agent that’s the right fit?
- what is casting actually looking for?
- what is the “it” factor that some people have, and how can you develop yours?
- highlighting your strengths on your resume
- editing your own reel and constantly tweaking it
- acting while working a full time job
- having an acting career while raising children
- the business minded approach to building an acting career
- Q&A + much more!

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***Those under 18 require PARENTAL CONSENT to attend any of our sessions as per our studio terms linked here: ***
Are there any free acting classes or workshops in Atlanta?

The Best Acting Classes In Atlanta

This is highly subjective but from our testimonials  the actors who train with us consider us to be among the best acting classes in Atlanta.

It’s important to learn from coaches that are actively auditioning and working in the industry. Ask yourself if the people you’re learning actor from are more like professors/teachers or are they coaches? One main difference is that a teacher/professor is focused on education and imparting knowledge, following the guidelines set forth, possibly by an institution. While a coach teaches you but also trains you. A coach sees your potential to be greater than them and guides you towards this, motivating you to achieve your full potential. A coach gives you more 1-on-1 guidance and focus than a teacher possibly can. 

What's the most affordable acting class in Atlanta