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Online acting classes are required by some, avoided by a few, and misunderstood by many. We're here to demystify acting classes on Zoom by highlighting the benefits of training online and at our studio from actors in so many different markets.

"WOW. Classes at The O.A. Training Studio are SO underrated! My coach is absolutely amazing at what they doe! Their dedication, understanding, and expertise truly color their approach to coaching. The insight and advice I've received from The O.A. has been invaluable! Ever since I started classes with The O.A. Training Studio, I've noticed significant improvements in not only my acting abilities, but in my confidence as well. Cultivating friendships with fellow actors/peers from class has been a wonderful experience; I feel a true sense of belonging within this community of like-minded, ambitious individuals! The class environment is one of information, exploration, and FUN! So, so much fun. I'm immensely glad I found you guys, and not to be dramatic (because I'm not exaggerating when I say this) but The O.A. has changed the trajectory of my career in the most positive way. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with The O.A. Training Studio :)"

-Nicole Biello

"Omg, where do I start? YOU GET IT!!! My coach is the bomb when it comes to this. I just had an AMAZING coaching session for a BIG audition, and I’m blown away how great they are at this!!! You say all the things I was thinking in my head, like “do I really need to break this character down for a 4 line gig?” I like your take on BE YOU! If the role is bigger...sure, go get a journal and write a character analysis, cause you're in for the long run. But otherwise, figure out where the scene reflects what YOU'VE experienced in your life. I LOVE your use of space in the frame. It’s OBVIOUS you LOVE what you do and WANT to help other actors succeed. It oozes from you...it’s infectious! I think you, Vas, might be what they call a triple threat. Great actor/coach/star quality. You actually LISTEN and take the time to answer question BIG or SMALL, AMATEUR or Professional. Even if asked a million times."

-Candyce Weir

"I'm absolutely blown away by how much I've learned and grown through classes at The O.A. Training Studio! When I started classes here, I had taken almost two years off acting -- my confidence was super low, had no clue what I was doing in general. These classes and my coach have helped me remember why this is what I want to do, and shown me what I need to do to get there. The emphasis is on FREEDOM and finding yourself through the work, rather than getting stuck in analysis. Guidance and direction are always encouraging and reaffirming of the work you're putting up, to help you see the ways that you're growing one class at a time. The literally global community of actors training here is so wonderful and supportive - you'll always have people volunteering to read with you for auditions, championing your work, and wanting to hangout and videochat after class (even if it's like, 3am in their part of the world). The coaches have so much knowledge to give about the industry, truly enjoy the work, and will stop at nothing to help you succeed. After a career coaching session, I have a plan in motion for my own career with solid steps to take as I go forward, and I booked my first short film since I was in college! Would not be where I am today, mentally and physically, without the O.A.!"

-Sami Craus

"Joining the Online Actor Training Studio has been one of the best decisions I have ever made both for my career and personal life. The coaches are amazing and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the craft of acting. We are given practical instructions and advice which allows each actor to improve week after week. The studio allows the actors to open and find their own individuality and style of performance.A fantastic platform with wonderful people, the studio contributes fantastic tools to an actor’s life. I feel I have grown as an actor, and as a person, during my time here and I look forward to taking many more classes at the studio in the future."

-Ryan Sloan

"The classes at the O.A training studio are exceptional, I have learnt so much and even landed a lead role in a feature film recently thanks to my new acquired knowledge! The coach is so friendly and the classes are not only informative but fun too. I love the Facebook group, it helps me keep in touch with the other actors and coaches and allows me to learn even more."

-Samantha Cull

"Training with The O.A. Training Studio has been a bright light keeping me going during this pandemic. Definitely some of the best coaching I have ever experienced. These classes are what every artist needs: a safe and fun space to try, fail, learn, and experiment! Learning on-camera techniques has given me extra confidence to audition for (and book) my first role in a short film! Some of the advantages of the online format include:  -flexible scheduling (several class times to choose from each week) -can take class from any quiet space with a wifi connection -getting to act and connect with people from all around the world This class has become a little family, we help each other out and celebrate our progress!"

-Katrine Mangin


"I AM HOOKED to the freedom I’m finding in my work at The O.A. Training Studio. My coach really helps me get out of my head and bravely follow my natural impulses. We focus on making acting fun and taking the pressure off! I look forward to each class because we truly just play and explore. I have found a new family at this studio and am very grateful for all the love, attention and confidence I get."

-Kapila Rego